April 1, 2015

Lakshmi Reddy

Health Benefits Of Eating Onions

Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions:
  • Onion is great for your digestive system. Onions help in improving the digestion.
  • Adding onion to your diet, keep osteoporosis and atherosclerosis under check and improves your bone density.
  • Onions act as an expectorant, natural medicine to clear the air passage, thereby clearing chest congestion. 
  • Taking onion juice with honey helps loosen this phlegm, which clears out the chest.
  • Onions helps to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure naturally. It also keeps your sugar levels under check.
  • Eating onion cures problems of insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • Eating raw onions thins the blood and provides elasticity to blood vessels which improves blood flow to the heart.

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