February 13, 2015

Lakshmi Reddy

Hand Mudra For Coughs and Cold


How & When: Perform this Mudra by interlocking the fingers of both the hands in such way so that the little finger of lingthe left hand is the down most and the right hand thumb stands straight up, envelope the right hand thumb with the left hand index finger and thumb to join the tips at the back of the right hand palm. Hold the palms together tightly. One should perform this Mudra by keeping the back straight either in Padmasan or Sukhasan. One may also sit on the chair in case of difficulties. Hold the hands in front of the chest with hands exerting a little pressure against each other. One may perform this Mudra as a therapy daily for time duration one feels comfortable. One should not perform it full stomach.

Caution: One must discontinue the Mudra in case of dizziness, uneasiness or nausea. People with acidity must observe the reaction and if feels more heart burning, they should discontinue doing it. One must not practice this Mudra any longer after you get the result you are seeking.


a) It is an excellent Mudra to break the phlegm and relieve a person of frequent coughs and colds.

b) It also works great when the temperature suddenly falls down and one shivers of cold. Practicing this Mudra will generate heat in the body and will provide the necessary warmth.

c) It also relieves the bronchial spasms and calms down the breath.

d) It is also fruitful if practiced by person suffering from bronchitis, lung cancer or asthma.

e) It activates the digestive fire by activating the AGNI which in turn boosts the metabolic rate of the body in case of sluggish digestion.

f) It also helps in case of low blood pressure and mild paralytic attack, sinusitis etc.

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