January 27, 2015

Lakshmi Reddy

Home Remedies For Pigmentation On Lips

Dark lips are a common problem that affects lots of people. Women are more conscious about their complexion and facial features. Hence, they tend to try a wide range of cosmetics on their lips to make them look brighter and beautiful. However, most of the products offer temporary results and long-lasting side effects. Cosmetics like lipsticks and lip glosses make the lips dry and darker. The best way to reverse such side effects is to try some home remedies for dark lips.

1. Honey : Honey is natural and better home remedies for pink lips. Honey has many benefits, but many people are not aware that it really helps to soften and glow your lips. Apply some honey on your lips every night before you go to bed. Let the honey get dried up, do not wash it.

2. Lemons : As everyone know that lemons have the property to bleach your skin, this can help to lighten your dark lips too. Apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your lips and leave it over night. Wash off in the morning, continues use of this will show results.

3. Natural Lip balm : You can make your own lip balm, just mix one tablespoon of strawberry juice with two tablespoon of petroleum jelly. You can use this blend as a lip balm and apply it daily.

4. Berries : Some berries like strawberry and raspberries have to property to lighten your lips. Take some raspberries, honey and Aloe Vera mix it well. Apply this blend and leave it on for ten minutes, wash it off. Apply some homemade lip balm to complete the treatment.

5. Oils : Some oils benefit to reduce dark patchy lips. Oils like tea tree oil, clove oil, mustard oil and olive oil are good to lighten your lips. Of all the oils, olive oil is considered the best and harmless one. Apply anyone of the above mentioned oil which you prefer on your lips and leave it on whole night. Continues use of it will moisture your lips and help to lighten them too.

6. Ice cubes : You can massage some ice cubes on your lips, this will keep them moisturized, nourished and fresh.

7. Toothbrush : Use a soft blisters toothbrush to massage your lips. This will help to remove any dead skin and make your lips fresh.

8. Almond oil : Mix in some lemon juice and almond oil, apply this mixture on your lips before you go to bed, leave it on for the whole night. This will help to lighten your dark lips and nourish your lips too.

9. Remove makeup : Before you go to bed remove your makeup. Never sleep with your lipstick or lip balm on, this may be one of the reasons for your dark lips. Use a small cotton ball with a little olive oil or almond oil to take out your makeup.

10. Sugar scrub : You can create your own home scrub by mixing some sugar granules with cold cream or can use olive oil. Gently massage this to your lips and wash off after some time.

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