November 26, 2014

Lakshmi Reddy

How to Get Rid of Dark Inner Thighs

You may have the fairest of skin tone but you can still have dark inner thighs which can be quite embarrassing if you want to wear something short or get intimate with your partner. If you have tried all creams and lotions out there to help with lightening the skin between your things, here are 10 home remedies that actually work. These remedies are natural and will not cause any side-effects.

Lemon remedy can be used for clearing the dead cells and other skin impurities. Never rub the lemon juice directly to skin. Since lemon juice is acidic it can lead to burning and red skin. To solve this problem add water to it and then massage this dilute lemon juice solution to the dark area for 5 minutes and then clean it water.

Aloe vera gel in circular clockwise and anti-clockwise motion to thighs for 5 minutes and leave it for drying. Use warm water to remove this gel from skin. When you apply this gel to dry on skin, it provides all the nourishing properties and antioxidants that help in repairing your skin. Repeat it for some days and see the magic on your thighs.

Tomatoes have gained popularity around the globe as one of the best natural remedy for making skin glowing and young. Its ability to provide antioxidants and remove dirt from skin have helped this product to gain this popularity. Do you know that many beauticians recommend to use tomatoes to get rid of oils and dead cells from skin. Prepare a paste of tomato, rub it to inner thighs for 5 minutes and then wear it on skin for 20 minutes. This will lighten the dark inner thighs and make them look fair.

Rub cucumber slices to your thighs for 10 minutes daily. Skin lightening and moisturizing properties in cucumbers will whiten the black skin on thighs. To make this remedy more effective add drops of lemon to the slice and then use it for skin.

Papaya scrub can be used to deeply flush out the impurities from skin and make it clean. Make a paste of papaya and use it for exfoliating your skin. Massage this home remedy to your thighs using a soft bristle brush to clear the dirt and brighten your skin tone.

Use honey to deeply moisturize the skin on thighs and make skin baby soft. Honey can also be used as a scrub for washing out dark dead cells, whitening the complexion of skin. Add honey to your thighs, rub it for 5 minutes and allow it stay on skin for 20 minutes. Repeat it for a week to get positive results.

Potato The enzyme catecholase present in potato makes it one of the best natural fairness product. Take a potato and grind it. Now apply the potato juice to your thighs and leave it for drying. This enzyme will work on dark skin and after few uses makes it white and beautiful.

Orange juice Prepare a scrub by mixing orange juice to turmeric. Orange juice has vitamin C and turmeric possesses properties that helps to get rid of dark skin. Apply this paste to dark inner thighs and leave it for sometime. Use warm water to remove the paste from skin.

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