October 8, 2013

Vijay Kumar

Top 10 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure? 
High blood pressure (hypertension), often called a silent killer, is the pressure of the blood in the arteries. Blood pressure is typically recorded as the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (time between two beats). A consistent blood pressure reading of 140/90 mm Hg or higher is considered high blood pressure. Untreated, high blood pressure will cause heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, injury to the brain and eyes.

Common Causes of High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Lifestyle
  • Genetic factors
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Birth control pills
  • Pain relievers
Other underlying causes may include:
  • Kidney diseases
  • Adrenal diseases
  • Abnormal blood vessels
  • Eclampsia / Pre-eclampsia in pregnant women
  • Thyroid diseases
Top 10 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure:


Banana is one such fruit that a high blood pressure patient can eat regularly to control it. Banana is a rich source of potassium which helps in controlling the blood pressure level. At the same time it has low sodium level and free of cholesterol which also help a lot. So, try to eat one or two bananas daily. Along with banana, you can also try dried apricots, raisins, currants, orange juice, spinach, zucchini, baked sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and winter squash.


Both raw and cooked garlic is said to have properties that can help to control high blood pressure level and at the same time it can also reduce the cholesterol level. When blood pressure level is high, one must try to eat one to two cloves of garlic daily after slightly crushing it with hands. Crushed garlic cloves create hydrogen sulfide, a compound that promotes good blood flow, removes gas and reduces the pressure on the heart. Else you can make a solution by adding five to six drops of garlic juice to four teaspoon of water and have it twice a day.


The high level of 3-N-butylphthalide, a kind of ‘phytochemical’ content present in celery helps a lot in controling high blood pressure level. When celery is consumed on regular basis, one can notice improvement in his or her blood pressure level. At the same time it will also help in reducing the stress hormones that constrict blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure. Try to eat one stalk of celery along with a glass of water daily. Else if you like, you can even munch on celery to lower blood pressure.


Regular consumption of lemon is also a good way to control hypertension. Lemon helps in making the blood vessels soft and pliable and removes their rigidity which in turn lowers the high blood pressure. In fact, when lemon is consumed regulalry, there is less chance of heart failure due to its invaluable Vitamin B content. Those having high blood pressure must drink fresh lemon water several times a day. It is a good idea to drink one glass of warm water with lemon juice in it early in the morning on empty stomach. For better result, do not add salt or sugar to lemon water.


Honey can reduce pressure from the heart and it also has a calming effect on the blood vessels and hence it can be helpful in reducing high blood pressure. People suffering from hypertension must make it a habit to consume one to two teaspoon of honey on daily basis. It is a good idea to eat two teaspoon of honey on empty stomach in the morning. Else you can make a mixture of one teaspoon each honey and ginger juice and two teaspoon of cumin seed powder and eat it twice a day. Another effective remedy is to mix basil juice and honey in equal amount and have it on an empty stomach daily.

Onion Juice

Onion can also be used to lower down the high blood pressure level. Try to eat one medium sized raw onion daily. Else make a mixture of onion juice and honey. Add half teaspoon of onion juice and half of teaspoon honey together and eat it twice a day to lower the blood pressure level. When this mixture is taken two times a day for one to two weeks, there will be huge improvement in the health.

Cayenne Pepper

Those suffering from mild hypertension must eat cayenne pepper. This is one such ingredient that can help in smooth blood flow by preventing platelets from clumping together and accumulating in the blood. One can add some cayenne pepper to the plate of fruit or vegetable salad. Else one can even add a pinch of cayenne pepper powder in a bowl of soup before drinking it. As cayenne pepper can be very spicy one needs to add a little bit only.

Coconut Water

People suffering from high blood pressure must try to keep their body well hydrated. It is a good idea to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Along with water you can also drink coconut water which is a tasty and nutritious beverage. At the same time coconut water also helps a lot in lowering the high blood pressure level. When coconut water is regularly consumed, there will be significant improvement in blood pressure level. Along with coconut water, one can also try coconut oil for cooking.

Fenugreek Seeds

The paste of fenugreek seeds is one of the most effective ways to lower the high blood pressure level. To make paste out of fenugreek seeds, take one to two teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and add them in water and boil it for around two minutes. Strain out the fenugreek seeds and with the help of a blender make a paste. Take this paste twice a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and one in the evening. Follow this remedy for two or three months to notice significant improvement in your blood pressure level.

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds contain a compound known as cucurbocitrin which helps in widening the blood capillaries. At the same time it also helps in improving the functionalities of the kidneys. This in turn helps in reducing blood pressure level and also helps a lot in arthritis. Just take two teaspoons of dried watermelon seeds, crush them gently before adding them in one cup of boiled water. Steep it for around an hour. Then strain it and take four tablespoon of this water at regular intervals in a day.
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