January 24, 2013

Vijay Kumar

Navina Bole photoshoot

She’s adept at playing the scheming siren! The difference is, this time, Navina Bole will be playing a hot vamp from a bygone era. Entering Shobha Somnath Ki as Mughal invader Ghaznavi’s love interest Kausar, Navina will play a material girl who will constantly instigate him to loot and plunder more and more territories, to satiate her own thirst for jewelry, wealth and power.

She will cast a spell on Mahmud of Ghazni with her bewitching beauty and have him dancing to her tunes. She will keep him finely entwined around her little finger by being ever-so-seductive and irresistible. She will egg him on to conquer the world. While Ghaznavi will believe that she is in love with him and has his best interests at heart, Navina’s character Kausar is a woman who can love nobody but herself!Speaking abouther new role, Navina said, “It’s a lot of fun And this is the first time I will be playing a seductive mysterious woman straight out of a history book. Kausar has a strong sensuality about her with which she keeps a powerful man like Ghaznavi on his toes. What’s more! She has a razor-sharp, wicked mind that constantly connives and plots. The anarkali dresses and the jewelry chosen for my look as Kausar are so beautiful that I can’t wait to begin shooting for the show!”

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