November 26, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Smoking cause High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is mostly caused by eating habits and daily behavior. Person with the disease is implementing unhealthy lifestyle lived continuously in a very long time. For example, a 40-year-old man has a strong potential for developing high blood pressure because of the habit smoking that cannot be left out from the age of 17 years.

Smoking is an activity that very harmful to human health. Lungs and heart will be easily damaged by this activity. Because, every puff of a cigarette and smoke coming through the throat into the lungs, it contains a lot of toxins then transported into the heart to be distributed by the blood to the whole body.

Just imagine, carbon dioxide, carbon, nicotine and other harmful toxins get into the blood. Such substances delivered through the blood vessels leading to the brain, heart, eyes, hands, feet, ears and all the other organs. Harmful substances that damage body tissue.

Have you ever had disorder’s hearing and respiratory tract? It looks like this is underestimated disorder. However, much research that says that high blood pressure caused a lot of smoking behavior begins with these disorders.

Did we ever imagine that the poison was taken smoke will cause coughs and colds? Starting from coughs and colds this causes respiratory tract and ear cavity is also affected. Often, cough and runny nose for too long suffered to cause an infection in the ear cavity. Excessive swelling can cause rupture of the eardrum. As a result, the fluid of the brain that normally can be held up by the eardrum was out of control. Ear cavity becomes very humid. As a result, germs easily accumulate here. Excruciating pain when the infected ear cavity can cause balance disorders.

People who not run in straight and could not keep balance while sitting, standing or walking and driving is an indication of a disease. Balance disorders also affect the functions of other organs, resulting in prolonged stress. The pressure will be brought to mind continuously so blood pressure goes up.

That’s why a lot of smokers who experience stress at high risk of contracting the disease of high blood pressure. Besides the stress caused by cigarette smoking, chemical toxins contained in cigarette smoke also have an increased risk to damage the health of the organs. Toxins that carried to the lungs that would carry blood around the body through blood vessels.

So, the blood vessels will be met by toxins contained in cigarette smoke. When this happens continuously, blood vessels become narrow and inflexible. In effect, the work of the heart to pump blood to be strong too. As a result, the pressure on the blood vessels rises. Smokers are more susceptible to disease by high blood pressure again.

Preventing  high blood pressure disease

If you really requires smoking, taste of smoke, a pretty one cigarette a day, or if it is really in certain circumstances. The smoke we inhale on the road, no less dangerous as cigarette smoke. If the smoke was added with excessive smoke, the more corrupted body. It would be better if the activity is stopped completely in total for the body to fully awake from the toxins that come from outside.

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