November 13, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Skin Care Tips For A Lifetime

Skin care is the simplest to maintain but often the most neglected. Easy steps really go a long way in ensuring health in the years to come, for men, women and children of all ages. Protection begins at birth, not when problems first arise, for when that point comes it sadly may be too late.

Thus the time to act is now. Topical creams and lotions while helpful do not solve the core issue of the reason for dryness or damage. Prevention is better than the cure.

Sun damage is the number one area that all people are susceptible to, not merely limited to beach visitors. Even young infants can experience sunburn and damage the underlying areas of the skin seriously or perhaps permanently. People often mistake cloudy days as safe days, when sun protection is not needed because of the overcasting in the skies. However, it is the sunlight bouncing off of the clouds that make the reflective ultraviolet rays so dangerous and harmful.

Thus on cloudy days or sunny days, it is good practice to wear a sunblock of SPF 30 or higher on the face, arms, legs and any exposed areas to the elements. If a person is outside, sunblock should be applied and worn consistently. Often, damage from the sun is not apparent until extensive harm has been undergone, and it is not what is visible on top but rather underneath the top layers that will rise up in years to come and cause problems. Protect that outer layer and all the layers underneath will follow suit.

Hydration is another underrated protection step that many ignore or do not deem as important. When not hydrated, wrinkles are more easily developed, as are flakes, dry patches, eczema becomes inflamed or appears, scaling of the elbows hands and feet, and much more. Sugary soda and juices dehydrate the body, whereas water free of chemicals and sugars gives the body plenty of hydration and a resource to turn to when it becomes parched.

The human body is over seventy percent water, so obviously it plays an important role in good health. A good baseline to begin increasing intake would be eight ounces of water eight times per day. Aim for at least this amount every day.

A nutritious healthy diet also directly impacts the skin. When excessive sugar and salt is ingested, grease and fatty foods, this makes the skin too oily, dry, sallow in appearance, more prone to wrinkles, acne and other conditions. It has been proven multiple times over, that an individual that consumes a well rounded diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins has clearer and more radiant skin than someone who does not.

Take time to go through kitchen cabinets and pantry stock, and throw out unhealthy choices, and replace with good alternatives. It will make an impressive difference on how you look and feel. People of all ages can begin doing these basic steps to take better care of the skin, and enjoy their benefits for a lifetime.

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