November 13, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Pre Workout Breakfast Menus

When you decide upon a workout regime, you also need to decide upon the breakfast before your workout. This is an important decision to make as too little food will not give you the necessary energy levels and too much of food which will not be digested till your workout time, is also not good.

The moot question here is whether we should have a breakfast at all before a workout. There are two viewpoints to this question.

The argument of those in favor of a breakfast before workout is that your energy levels will be optimum and hence performance better. If you do a workout without breakfast , most probably the body will pull the needed energy from the muscles rather than the body fat.

Those, not in favor of breakfast before the workout feel that the energy needed will be utilized from the body fat.

According to opinions, it has been seen that a fasting workout has had good results without any noticeable immediate side effects. But this may hold good for those individuals who are constitutionally prone to gaining weight easily and is not so effective for those who are constitutionally slim.

It is best to keep faith in the eating signals sent by your body in the morning and act accordingly.

The different optimum breakfast suggestions before a workout are:

1. Natural Yogurt: Yogurt contains magnesium which is useful in metabolizing the sizeable protein and carbohydrates that it contains. Yogurt taken in combination with banana and nuts is an easily digestible breakfast solution.

2. A Banana: Banana has the easily digestible fruit sugar called fructose. It has potassium which is helpful in recouping the dropped potassium levels during a workout.

3. Porridge made of oats or millet: If you have a sizeable gap between your breakfast and workout then you can go in for a porridge made from oats or millet. The advantage of eating the whole grains in the porridge is that you get their fiber content which releases the carbohydrates slowly into the blood stream. This helps you to maintain your energy levels throughout the workout.

4. Apple along with one slice of wholegrain toast with ‘paneer’ or Indian cheese: If the interval between your breakfast and workout is about an hour then you can go in for this option. This option gives you a little quantity of carbohydrates, fat and some protein. This is useful if your workout is going to be intensive.

5. Juice of orange and berries: For the juice you need to take one cup each of frozen blueberries and raspberries, you need pieces of two peeled oranges, one tablespoon of honey and half a cup of natural yogurt. All these ingredients need to be blended smoothly to make the required juice which has to be consumed immediately.

It has to be ensured that the constituents of your breakfast are natural, whole or obtained from organic sources. You can let your body take 10% deviation from this rule, if it is consistently following this rule at other times.

Which breakfast strategy suits you best, will be best determined by you through experimentation alone.

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