November 9, 2012

Vijay Kumar

How to Increase your Height

Everyone wants an attractive personality with good physique, it plays a major role in our life. A personality by which everyone gets attracted towards you. Height plays a major role in giving attractiveness to a personality. If a person has a good height then he will have more options in his/her career life as compare to short man. Nobody wants to change herself/himself for anyone, but life will not go as you want. If you feel shy and hesitate to accept yourself as you are, then it might be a serious problem. Here are some simple tips that you can try to increase height .

Ways To Increase Height:-

Exercise – Every exercises improves your body fitness in their respective manners. Some Exercises also releases a hormone called Human Growth Hormone which helps to increase size. So if you are doing exercise regularly, then Human Growth Hormone is spread into your system and will increase your growth definitely. Stretching exercises are the most helpful exercise to increase height. While doing stretching exercise, focus on your legs and spine. You can also do swimming, jogging , jumping the rope, hanging from a bar and playing basketball. Do some other exercises except stretching exercises for a healthy life.

Food to eat – While eating be focused on vegetables specially green vegetables, fruits and healthy grains and milk for a good health. Healthy food will also help to increase height. Try to take healthy food that includes meat, eggs, milk , bananas ,grams, nuts and carrots in your daily routine. Avoid  consumption of tea, coffee, cold-drinks, ice-creams, chocolates etc. Walk for 10-15 mins daily after finishing the meal.

Don’t consume heavy meal – If you are eating heavy meals 3 times a day, it is not beneficial and it does not help you in becoming tall. Take 5-6 times smaller meals in a day,it is beneficial for you because it releases human growth hormone in a better way.

Avoid taking antibiotics and drugs – In many advertisements, we see the benefits of antibiotics but in reality when we observe it, all is fake. Avoid taking drugs and antibiotics as much as possible.

Rest – In modern life people forget the importance of rest. They are so busy that they don’t want to sit idle and give their body rest. For giving freshness in life, rest plays a big role.

Take classes of taekwondo – For a quick and better result you can also join taekwondo classes. It helps to increase height .

Sprinting at high speeds – Sprinting at high speed is also very important to increase height naturally. This will release a lot of human growth hormone which plays one of the major roles in increasing height.

Mind power – Our body responds according to our thoughts. If we think positive, body becomes fit and healthy and if we think negative our body turns to be unhealthy. Think that you have a perfect health. Imagine that your height is increasing day by day. Stop thinking helpless and be self confident.

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