November 9, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Home Remedies To Cure Oily Skin in Women

Everyone want a healthy and glowing skin. Skin is a sensitive part of our body which can be destroyed by doing experiments. Some people have oily skin which make them less confident about their personality. They feel shy and hesitate to come in front of the people. To prevent our skin from so much of oil , you have to take care of your skin .

Home remedies to care oily skin:-

Wash your skin:-
The most important thing you can do for oily skin is to clean your skin. Clean your skin at least 2-3 times a day once in a morning and second before going for bed but do not clean your skin more then 3-4 times because it will make your skin dry.

Use oil free moisturizers:-
Oily skin needs moisturizing. One time in a day but avoid use of moisturizers more than twice a day. For moisturizing you can use gel moisturizer which is oil free.It makes your skin breathe.

Use a  toner:-
To overcome excess oil and dirt you have to use alcohol based toner. By this you can keep your skin clean.

Change your diet:-
Eat more complex carbs and vegetables. These are good for skin as well as for your health. This type of diet will help you to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Avoid eating junk foods , processed foods, excess sugar and greasy foods because it destroys your skin.

Don’t eat food which has excess of oil:-
Avoid eating foods which are having excess of oil. Junk  food can ruin away your efforts . To care oily skin you have to avoid this.

Drink water:-
Try to drink more and more water . Normally, a person has to drink 2 ltr water daily for good health and glowing skin.

Avoid using of hot water :-
Avoid hot water for bath in daily routine. Because by bathing with hot water, it will cause your oil glands to pump out even more oil.

By doing exercise ,you can release your stress and it will help to protect your skin.

It is a cream which you can apply to your skin. Its function is to absorb the oil throughout the day.It is colorless and odorless , because of this qualities men can also try mattify. Mattify can adhere to your skin better.

Use of good cleansers:-
Products containing Tea Tree oil or Witch Hazel are reported to be good result especially on oily skin. You can use even bottles of diluted Witch Hazel and Tea Tree oil which are very good cleansers which are use for cleaning of skin. They are usually cheaper and natural.

Don’t go on bed with make up:-
Before going for a bed you have to be wash your make up for a healthy skin.
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