November 7, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Easy Weight Loss as Vegetarian 8 Tips

Losing weight can be extremely hard on a diet heavily laden with meat and dairy.

It is the very reason why many people choose to turn to vegetarianism because on a healthy vegetarian diet it is very easy to lose weight and keep it off.

For those who consider this path, they can often worry about getting enough protein, nutrients or are worried that it is difficult to do.

In today’s world though, going meat-free it a lot easier than before with fake meats and cheeses for examples.

You can also get veggie burgers, veggie meats and even vegan cookies and chocolate.

Not to mention of course that the grocery stores are always stock with beautiful varieties of vegetables for you to choose from.

The majority of restaurants also offer vegetarian meals as well, due to the rise in how many choose to leave meat behind.

To help you get the most out of a veggie weight loss plan, below are some tips to help you transition easily and what to look out for when choosing vegetarian weight loss.

1. Toss out all meat from your house or give it away to people who will eat.

2. Make vegetarian versions of your favorite meals. There are plenty of ways to do this by either substituting the meat for fake meat or choosing to how an all-vegetable version. Personally I prefer all vegetables because I find them tastier but when transitioning you may need to weight of meat still so veggie mince is a good way to go.

3. Try everything! Explore eating vegetarian meats and cheeses. Try vegan versions too. Trying these news things and exploring what is available will help you stray further away from the meat, helping your transition be complete.

4. Be careful when trying new things and try not to overdo it on some products as often extra fat is added to compensate for the lack of meat flavor.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up a day. Just try to pay attention to what triggered you.

6. If you choose to be an ovo-lacto vegetarian (you will happily eat eggs and dairy) then make sure you don’t rely heavily on cheese and dairy foods. Cheese is about 30% fat and the point of vegetarian weight loss is to move away from fatty foods (meat is typically 30% or much much higher).

7. Try to include regular helpings of complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, cereals and rice in your weight loss plan.

8. Make sure you are eating your fruits and vegetables! Many vegetarians end up eating junk foods and slacking of the whole foods. Eat plenty of fruit before each meal and try to eat some raw whole vegetables with your meals. Soups and sauces can be a great thing to mix dark leafy greens in with to get your 5 a day.

Once you have replaced meat and have sustained a vegetarian diet for a while you may start to cut out the replacement foods and eat more vegetable based meals. When you get to this point meat will not appeal too much anymore and this is a great thing.

You should also find that the more vegetable based meals you eat and the less reliance you have on dairy the better for your waistline.

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