November 16, 2012

Vijay Kumar

Best Back Pain Exercise for Employees

The back of an individual is used every day for lifting heavy loads or for sitting in a chair. Pain in the back of a person can disrupt the work and also hamper with your sleep. Back injuries left untreated often lead to back pain. A person should therefore be very careful while engaging in any physical activity. Stretching exercises help individuals in preventing and rehabilitating soreness and injury. These exercises minimizes the back pain, strengthens the area and increase the flexibility of the body.

Neck stretches
The neck stretches can be done by an individual while remaining seated or by standing. The chin must be lowered until it reaches the chest. The person should feel a slight stretch at the back of the neck when he will be lowering the chin to the chest. This must be done for two or three times. Then the person should switch to a lateral flexion stretch which can be done by lowering the ear toward the shoulder. The person should immediately stop the stretching exercise when he feels there is a tug between the base of the neck and the collarbone. This position should be held for twenty to thirty seconds before stretching toward the opposite shoulder.

Back stretches
Back stretches can be done by a person either by standing or by remaining seated. However, doctors believe that sitting or lying down is a better option for doing this stretching exercise. This reduces the chances of getting injured during the course of the exercise. The legs should be spread shoulder width apart from one another while remaining in the seated position. The head should next be lowered slowly between the knees and the person should try to reach the floor. For improving the flexibility, one should lie on the floor and pull both the knees to the chest. While doing this, the person should bring the chin as close as possible to the knees. If anyone has problem doing this pose, the hands can be used to pull the knee to the chest while keeping the heel of the opposite foot firmly on the floor.

Hamstring stretch
When the backs of your thighs are tight and less flexible, more stress is put on the back portion of your body. For doing this stretching exercise, the person should lie on the floor. The legs should be fully extended and straight. One leg should be brought up without bending the knee. This can be done simply by placing your hands behind your knees and gently pulling them. This same procedure should be repeated on the other leg. If the person finds that this is difficult for him to do, a towel can be looped around the ankle. Then a pull should be given and this will bring the leg up. This stretch can also be performed while sitting on a chair. For doing that, an individual needs to put another chair across the chair he is sitting on. One leg can be rested on the chair and the hands can be tried to reach the toes. The same method should be repeated on the other leg.

Stretch and release
Stretch and release is a good stretching exercise to help combat back pain in individuals. For doing this exercise, the person must keep the back straight. The arms must be reached straight up over the head and the shoulders should be lifted. The position must be held for some time and then the arms must be brought down. The person should next bend over the waist and try to reach for the toes. The individual should not over exert as this cannot be reached in one day. It takes practice on the part of the person to do this. The person should stop at the point where he feels that he is uncomfortable. Next he should slowly straighten and curl up the back. The individual should ensure that the neck and the head are the last to straighten. This exercise can be performed while standing with feet shoulder width apart or by sitting flat on the floor.

For doing this, the person should get down in a position similar to kneeling. The knees should be slightly away from one another and the hands should be under the shoulders. The palms of the person should be kept on the floor and the person should rock back until the buttocks touch the heels of the person. The arms should be stretched to the front. The back of the person must be rounded. The position must be held for a few seconds. Then the person should return to the kneeling position. The abdomen must be dropped until the legs are flat on the floor and the arms are in a push-up position. The pose should be held for a few moments before returning to the kneeling position.

Hip stretch
The hips also support the back of your body. Stretching the hip muscles also can help in combating back pain and in maintaining the flexibility of the spine. For doing the hip stretch, an individual must stand with the feet shoulder wide apart from one another. With your right foot take a short step back. The left knee must be bent in the front and the weight shifted back to the right hip. The right leg should be kept up straight, stretching it forward. Do this exercise until a pull is felt in the hip.

Pelvic tilt
This exercise helps in strengthening the lower back muscles of an individual as it helps gently to stretch the back of the person. The person should lie on the floor with the face upwards. The knees should be bent and the feet should be flat on the floor. The arms must be allowed to relax at the sides of the body. Next a deep breath should be taken. As the person breathes out, he should lower the back on the floor by tilting the pelvis upward. The position must be held before relaxing.

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