October 18, 2011

Vijay Kumar

How to Lose Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat? This is an often asked question that perturbs people most. After all, gaining weight is the easiest thing that can happen to a person of this age and time. Being a couch potato, confined to most of the sedentary lifestyles, hooked to fries, crispies and the latest junk foods and of course, overburdened with work, stressed out and performing no exercise! Today's young man/woman with a similar lifestyle has his/her future clear- a pot-bellied unhealthy body with associated diseases! Science has repeatedly proven that belly fat is unhealthy and every attempt must be made to get rid of it.

Why lose belly fat?

The presence of belly fat indicates that a person has been neglecting his/her own body to a large extent. Whatever be the reasons of fat around the tummy, it is important to know that any apple-shaped body (pot-bellied) is very dangerous. Not only does it look ugly, but medical research indicates that a person with a pot-belly is more likely to suffer from cardio-vascular diseases, sugar imbalances in the body and more alarming diseases such as breast cancers, fatty liver syndrome etc. Thus, it is better that one loses tummy fat at the earliest to avoid the risk of running into worse health problems.

How to lose tummy fat?

Now-a-days people are too busy with their jobs and often neglect their bodies. They do not think when they eat and exercise too little. A day then comes that when they look in the mirror they find a stranger peeping back. A fat person with all the love handles at all the wrong places! Then they scream- "It couldn't be me!" But reality soon shrinks in that tummy fat is here to say, and perhaps the most stubborn one at that! But there is no need to despair as tummy fat can be tackled by being wise and of course, doing some aerobic exercises and eating right.

Take a tape and measure the girth of your stomach. If the tape measures more than 40" I a man, then it is unhealthy. A girth of more than 35" and more should be a cause of concern among women. Once you find that you are nearing the "unhealthy" category of belly fat, then you must immediately begin aerobic exercises in moderation. You may increase the intensity of the exercises after having been on the exercise regime for some time. Aerobic exercises refer to any form of exercise technique which involve running, cycling, jogging , swimming etc and helps the heart and lungs to pump up to a great extent. As your body burns more calories, it is the belly fat that is used up first. Remember that spot-reduction of fat is not possible. But, the visceral fat around the stomach burns up fast. If you stick to a regular regime of aerobics and be patient with it, you are likely to lose belly fat real rapidly!

No form of aerobic exercise can work wonders if they are not coupled with the right diet. The diet to lose belly fat must basically be low in carbohydrates, fats, refined sugars and rich in fiber and fluids. A simple method of replacing refined foods such as sugars and breads made of refined flours with healthier whole grain items, preferably unrefined ones can work wonders in losing all that fat around the body! Avoid Trans fats, prefer soups to colas, jettison all those crispies and fries. What matters is healthy and fitter living now.

The right technique to lose fat in the stomach is a combination of doing the correct exercises with the right kind of diet. There is no excuse to carrying fat around the belly when the methods of getting rid of them are so near and easy!

Given below are few suggestions that will help you get rid of belly fat:

1) Go for a long term healthy diet course instead of opting for any crash diet therapy to lose belly fat. Short term crash courses, might make you lose weight but will also make you weak. So, being fit is what you should target upon, instead of just thinking of losing some extra inches. To gather adequate and effective information regarding a well balanced and healthy diet, an individual can take the assistance of a diet counselor. Besides, reference of plenty of on-line information also proves useful. Most of the on-line videos posted at the official websites prove helpful to make low calorie recipes that can be consumed to maintain weight in the long run.

2) Select some exercises that can burn fat from the belly- Cardio, interval training and full body exercises, can be some of them. Besides this, you can also perform swimming, power yoga, brisk walking, weight lifting, stretching and bending, etc., to strengthen the body muscles and to have a lean yet fit body. Take proper medical advice before going on a diet. Abdominal exercises can help you tone the stomach muscles and can bring those great looking abs. Apart from this, you can also benefit from breathing as it helps to regulate the inhale and exhale. This way, overall calorie burning can also be kept under a check.

3) Last but not the least; avoid undue consumption of oily food as they can make your diet of no use. Inculcate the habit to cook daily foods by using only required percentage of oils. Excess of unsaturated oils are unfit for human consumption in the long run as it leads to number of troubles to the cardiovascular system. Similarly, the risk of high blood pressure is always there.

Apart from these, the best way to lose belly fat is to know your body type and then go accordingly. Many people fail to lose such kind of fat because they apply diet tips on them without knowing its proper execution.

Take a look below to know the reasons why you fail to lose belly fat:

Going on diet before any medical advice: Sometimes in a hurry to lose weight we tend to follow any diet course without a proper consultation, that's where we go wrong! Each one of us differs when it comes to our health. So, go for a healthy diet only after taking a proper advice from your doctor.

Take actions: Many times we think of dieting and losing belly fat or some other extra weight. But, only thinking would be of no help. Unless and until you go out and do something your fat will just grow and not reduce. So, take actions and do some suitable exercise for your self.

Selecting wrong exercises: Crunches, push ups, dieting can only help you if it suits your body type. Choose such exercises that can be easily adaptable by your body and can help you reduce belly fat. Accompany it with a good diet and you will notice evident changes in your body in a good way.

Diet pills: Today, with improved medical facilities, there comes a pill for almost each and everything. From increasing heights to reducing weights, we prefer to buy the cosmetic pills rather than going natural. Why? In most cases it does put an ill effect on our body, without curing the actual problem. So, avoid taking them unless you are really required to do so.

So, keep these things in mind and before taking any actions, first know well about losing belly fat and then proceed on to it. It is always good to seek consultation of a trained person who has adequate experience in correct management of abdominal fat. If possible, taking active participation in forum discussions mentioned at the medical websites also proves beneficial to gather effective information with respect to losing the excess belly fat.

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