August 31, 2011

Vijay Kumar

Weight loss tips for Housewives

Nowadays housewives are also very conscious about their weight and diet pattern. But like other working women even they are busy with their work even if they stay at home. Some of them find very less time for themselves because of unfixed packed schedules.

And in this busy schedule housewives don’t find any time to do workout, and they even ignore their meals. The most common reason behind gaining weight is they have habit of eating leftover foods. Almost every woman have this habit, because they don't want to waste food they eat leftover foods and add on calories to body which results in weight gain. But there are some easy tips which you can follow in your daily routine and lose weight.

Here are some weight loss tips for weight loss:

Healthy Shopping:
When you go for shopping, make your shopping list first and then go for shopping. If you go without shopping list you tend to buy additional items. Choose low calorie, healthy foods while shopping.

Eat smartly:
Try to eat your food on time (every 3 hourly . Do not ever skip your breakfast.  If you don’t have much time to eat in morning times, try out some handy healthy recipes for breakfast so that you don’t need to give much time to eat.

Eat Slowly: 
Eat slowly and calmly. Have a bowl of salad and a glass of water before your meal so that you will consume fewer calories in your meal.

Do household chores alone:
If you don’t get much time to exercise, Do household chores alone like washing clothes, utensils, cleaning, and gardening. It will help to burn calories and lose weight.

Avoid afternoon naps:
Do not sleep in afternoon timings. 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for your body. More than that can lead to weight gain so avoid daytime naps.

Keep food in opaque containers:
Keep fatty, sugary or high calorie food in opaque containers. Do not keep it handy or in transparent bottles so that it will reduce chances of eating them frequently.

Move your body:
While watching televisions, in commercial breaks try to do some easy exercises like dancing, on spot jogging. If you do it so you will burn out calories even while watching your favorite television shows.

Walk when you talk: 
Most of you almost spend at least ½ hour on your phones. So, try to walk while talking on your mobile. It will burn some calories and help to lose weight.

If you follow all these easy tips in your daily routine you will surely lose weight even if you are housewife.

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