October 15, 2010

Vijay Kumar

Bananas for Health

Bananas have always been associated with good health and March is usually the month of the year in which you can have a plenty of this fruit as the prices really come down. If you haven’t gone bananas yet, for gaining health benefits at least, here are some strong reasons to take to the tropical fruit:

High Potassium Content – If you want to maintain the electrolyte balance in your body cells, it is important to have a lot of potassium-rich foods. Not only does it give a boost of energy but also helps to lower the risk of strokes. The low salt content of banana makes it particularly beneficial for patients of high blood pressure.

High content of vitamins and minerals – Vitamin A found in high concentration in the fruit helps in the development of optical tissues of the eyes. This vitamin also has a big role to play in the development of healthy skin and bones.

Treats constipation – Banana is an excellent natural cure for constipation as it is loaded with fibre. The patient can treat his condition without resorting to chemical laxatives, which always have one side-effect or the other, whether they notice it or not.

Improves the mood – A hormone called serotonin is linked to elevation of mood. Having a banana acts as a trigger for the release of this hormone.

Neutralises acid – If you are suffering from acid, banana can be an excellent natural cure for it. It digests easily and neutralists the acids in your stomach.

Banana is one of the most widely occurring fruits all over the world and it’s also one that is preferred by athletes and sportsperson  The likes of Boris Becker and Roger Feeder  top tennis players, could be seen biting into a banana in the middle of their game.

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