February 13, 2015

Lakshmi Reddy

Hand Mudra For Weight Gain

Prithivi Mudra

How & When: Touch the tip of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger together, keeping the rest of the three fingers straight. Make sure you do not force the fingers to be straight, only try to keep them so.

This Mudra is preferably done in the morning, but could be done any time of the day otherwise and for any duration. This Mudra is required to be done when one feels lack of energy, enthusiasm and motivation in life. All seems dull and lifeless. One may perform this Mudra with both the hands by sitting in Sukhasan or Padmasan, and keeping the back of the palms on the knee, keeping the elbows straight.


a) Helps boost the blood circulation in the body.

b) Increases tolerance and patience.

c) Helps in meditation.

d) Since this Mudra is an association of the earth element with the powerful Sun, it brings solidity to the body.

e) It also helps the person to gain weight in case of weak and lean bodies.

f) Helps to restore the balance of the body, when required i.e. restore body equilibrium.

g) It wards off the weakness, fatigue, dullness and invokes prana in the body.

h) It also brings and adds to the aura or the halo and also brightness to it.

i) It also activates the thinking power and helps to broaden the orthodox/ conservative thinking pattern.

j) It compensates the lack of “Rajasic Gunas”.

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